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JUST IN: Metro Mass Bus Catches Fire, Burn Into Ashes

JUST IN: Metro Mass Bus Catches Fire, Burn Into Ashes

A metro mass transit bus with the registration number GS 2698-17 from Kumasi going to Sunyani has caught fire and burned into ashes at Adugyama in the Ahafi Ano South District in Kumasi.

According to the report on Angel FM in Kumasi, the bus took off from Kumasi this afternoon and they were heading towards Sunyani but when they got to Adugyama junction, the bus caught fire all of a sudden.

All the vehicles coming from Sunyani heading towards Kumasi had to stop because of the burning bus.

The reporter said with the help of the Ambulance service at Adugyama they were able to help the other vehicles to pass by .One of the passengers who was in the metro mass transit bus said they heard a loud noise from the back seat of the bus and this made the driver to stop while they saw smoke coming out of the bus.

All the passengers rushed and got out of the bus.

However, the fire started from the engine of the bus, but he revealed that the bus was not having any fire extinguishers.

As a result, they got one from a different car but it was not enough to extinguish the fire.

Even though the bus is now burned into ashes, none of the passengers was hurt as they are all safe.

An arrangement for another metro bus for the passengers to get to their destination.

Source: Angel news

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