DEVELOPMENT: Ghana Must Invest In Our Local Industries- Professor Osei Piesie Antoh

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DEVELOPMENT: Ghana Must Invest In Our Local Industries- Professor Osei Piesie Antoh

Retired lecturer of Ghana Technology University College who is also the chief elect at Krom – Adwafo in the Bosomtwe district of Ashanti, Obenfo Nana Osei Piesie Anthoh has made a statement that, Ghana must invest in our local industries and stop over importation to keep the nation developed.

Giving his message ahead of the upcoming international day of workers which occurs every May 1st, he mentioned that, we have no option than to kill the idea of “doing business” which is seriously based on IMPORTING EVERYTHING into the country and invest in our local industries and also build more to employ the youths to also contribute towards the development of the nation through tax paying.

He added to it that, Ghana is only supporting the employment base of the countries from which we import whilst killing the employment base of our country and such activities contributes to the depreciation of the cedis before the other currencies and
we must therefore look from within by the government and taking the lead to develop the socio-economic infrastructural needed for the private sector to take advantage of it.

He also said, MDAs must be prepared to do aggressive sensitization and awareness creation for citizens to patronize MADE IN GHANA GOODS AND SERVICES and as much as possible shun foreign goods and services by deliberate avoidance and by so doing, we need government to hold the bull by the horns and start the DOMESTICATION AGENDA propounded by the late Dan Lartey and
Advocacy groups, civil society organizations, faith-based groups, NGOs, traditional leaders, and others must take the lead in supporting government towards the paradigm shift to GOING BACK TO OUR ROOTS.

He again called on the youths, whom the future belongs to also take the fight head on this crusade and Ghana could gain its developmental strength.

Call Obenfo Nana Osei Piesie Anthoh for more details on 0243232506.

Credit: Nana Yaw Peprah-NAYAP (OyerepaFM/TV)

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