Agric Expert Schools Farmers On Fertiliser Application As Advised By COCOBOD

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Agric Expert Schools Farmers On Fertiliser Application As Advised By COCOBOD

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The Agri Expert and the Consultant told farmers not to neglect COCOBOD’s advice on fertilizer supply and called for journalists support.

An Agric Investment Consultant and organic fertilizers promoter, Mr. Isaac Manu, has called on farmers to take the advise given to them by the CEO of Ghana COCOBOD concerning the supply of fertilizers.

He commended the CEO for such an update and courage. He has been fair with the situation, he said.

Obviously, the country’s agriculture has come to a level where farming cannot be done successfully without application of fertilizers and sccording to him, the directives by the CEO is in line with his promotion on the soil health dubbed, Save the Soil Campaign.

He said the use of the organic fertilizers which is possibly going to be the option for the majority of farmers will have positive effect on our soil and will reduce the risk of excessive chemical fertilizers application on our food crops.

The farmers must start working on their fertilizers acquisition other than to still hope in awaiting of the government fertilizers. He advised.

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However, as the CEO advised, the use of raw poultry manure will also have negative effect on the crops therefore, need to be kept for at least three months before usage.

He told the farmers to depend more on the already processed organic fertilizers which are produced in the country and contains the poultry manure like, Acarp Compost and Asaase nufusuo as well as Agrodyke fertilizer which are among the best in the season.

Farmers can contact our office for all matters on fertilizers and its cost matrix.

I finally, appeal to our journalists to commit more energy into the dissemination, education and way forward of the fertilizer issues to help guide our farmers and save the country from food shortage.

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