ATIGYA: Popular Journalist Exposed By NDC, Shows His Name And Membership Number In Their Party’s Register(EVIDENCE ATTACHED)

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ATIGYA: Popular Journalist Exposed By NDC, Shows His Name And Membership Number In Their Party’s Register(EVIDENCE ATTACHED)


The Concerned Youth Group of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency has finally exposed NANA OTTU DARKO, the Host of DWABRE MU Political show on Accra based of CTV and vowed to Expunge the Journalist’s Name from the NDC Party’s Register.

Backing their Claims with Evidence, Nana Ottu Darko ( Journalist’s) is Seen in the Party’s Register as the Polling station Chairman for Kwabenya DC primary 3B.

This Expose` follows the Journalist’s Attempt to Soil the Reputation of
their Constituency Chairman, Mr. Isaac Lamptey on his DWABRE MU TV show.

According to the NDC youth group, they will go all out with their Evidence for the Public to Know that, Nana Ottu Darko is not a Journalist but rather, a Stomach Self- Acclaimed Journalist who Attack Reputations for Survival.

REFERENCE: During the April 12, 2022 edition of Dwebre Mu show specifically the Edika segment on CTV, OTU DARKO strangely denied his membership of the NDC when his credibility with respect to his political neutrality in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency (DKC) was questioned.

Obviously, the reason for this denial by JOSHUA NANA OTU DARKO (His full name) is that for quite some time he has pretended to portray political neutrality in matters of interest to the NDC in the DKC of which he has an interest.

Per the records, OTU DARKO specifically NANA OTU DARKO, his name as captured in the Party register, joined the NDC Kwabenya DC Primary 3B Branch in 2004.

His NDC Party ID is H070920024 and he is presently the Branch Chairman. However, NANA OTU DARKO at best can only be described as a lazy loudmouth inactive Branch Chairman.

The main purpose for his denial of the membership of the NDC in the DKC is for him to continue to execute his diabolic agenda of unnecessarily causing division and highly raising the political temperature in the DKC similar to the effect of the widely known GreenHouse phenomenon.

Applying this Freebies-Induced-GreenHouse diabolic effect, the aim which is so clear is to divert the attention of the CEC from managing the affairs of the constituency so as to achieve electoral victory in 2024.

Since the presumption is that it is only when the CEC is dragged in the mad and eventually made to fall that some GreenHorn power seekers in the DKC will have their way.

In this grand agenda, OTU DARKO has capitalized on deception, misinformation and palpable untruths to incessantly paint black, denigrate, ridicule and discredit the DKC CEC and even some regional executives without any shred of evidence.

The target has been to frustrate the DKC CEC by churning out deliberate falsehood on political happenings in the DKC.

As a constituent, I find it very soothing and admirable the focus of the CEC on working to deliver victory in 2024 and how resolute they remain not to be distracted by visionless OTU DARKO and his masters in the DKC.

Besides, it is instructive to note that the attacks on the CEC are also remotely linked to the non approval of a previously obvious fraudulent parliamentary primaries debate planned by OTU DARKO with the intention to leak the debate questions for monetary gains.

On that note, OTU DARKO should be assured that he was stopped previously, he will be stopped today, stopped tomorrow and will be stopped forever anytime he attempts similar fraudulent agenda in the DKC.

Obviously, OTU DARKO is of the conviction that he now has a media platform to vent his anger and press the payback button.

Unknowing to him, he has just pressed the self-destruct button. Anyone will trust this mischief laden agenda of OTU DARKO at one’s own peril.

By: A Concerned NDC Member in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency
Selassie ( Leader)

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