HEARTBREAKING: Articulator Truck Runs Over Okada Rider’s Head At Ta’di(PHOTOS)

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HEARTBREAKING: Articulator Truck Runs Over Okada Rider’s Head At Ta’di (PHOTOS)

The streets of Anaji in the Effiakwesimintsim Municipality of the Western Region were hit with sad news when an Okada rider met his untimely death.

The young man whose identity is still unknown was seen lying in the middle of the road dead with his motorcycle destroyed beyond repairs.

The young man is said to have a motorbike which he uses for all his businesses and daily errands. He left his home around the Accra station in Takoradi early in the morning to feed his family but his death was announced.

He was using the same road with the many vehicles as usual when the sad incident occurred.

As he got to the section around the Anaji shopping mall, an articulator truck that was on a top speed run over him. The rider could not survive the pain and died on the spot.

The sad aspect of the accident is that the head of the Okada rider was smashed with his brains popping out on the floor. The heartbreaking scene attracted many people who had not seen such a sad accident before.

Some of the eyewitnesses to the accident blamed the articulator driver for driving at top speed whilst in the middle of a city and sadly causing the death of the Okada Rider. Others also believe that the Okada rider missed his lane and that caused the accident. In the meantime, personnel from the Ghana Police Service have conveyed the body of the Okada rider to the mortuary for autopsy whilst the articulator driver is assisting in investigations.

Information available indicates that the late Okada Rider is married with over two children. They have officially been informed about the sad news and they cannot hold on to their tears.

He left home in the morning with the intention of returning home with chop money for the entire family but the opposite happened. They are now planning his funeral instead.

This should be a caution to all Okada riders to be careful when they are using the road. The situation can be worse when the rider has no helmet.

Drivers on the other hand must also be on the lookout for other road users since their actions can easily send others to their early graves.








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