“My Wife Sleeps With Men In Our Matrimonial House, When I Complain, She Beats Me- Amputated Man Recounts Ordeal

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“My Wife Sleeps With Men In Our Matrimonial House, When I Complain, She Beats Me- Amputated Man Recounts Ordeal

James has been hurt tremendously since the time he was involved in an accident which left one of his legs amputated. His wife of 13 years, has been having an affair with several different men in town.

She also gets drunk and brings these men home with her.

James was born and raised in Kenya, where he completed primary school due to financial difficulties. He worked as a driver for many years to support his mother and sisters, and decided to get married when he felt financially stable.

He was standing beside the road on a Sunday, when a car hit him and ran. Both of his legs were badly injured, and he had to have one leg amputated as a result.

He has struggled since the accident financially while having to care for his family, his friends helped him with money to start all over.

Sold his properties to pay the hospital bill, his wife automatically changed she was jobless suddenly became rich.

James’s wife started showing unusual behavior after the money his friends gave them finished. He said that she would leave the house and come back drunk after spending time with men.

James stated that he constantly asks her about her activities, but she becomes aggressive towards him. She sleeps with men, bring them to his house and chase him outside.

She would start hitting and beating him, she would tell him that she feeds and he has no right to question her some times she would sleep 1-2 weeks outside their house, comes home with men push him outside and lock the door.

James confesses that he slept outside many time, she constantly tells him she feeds him and if he’s not useless he should go out and hustle like other men. James says she beats him up every time she’s around and most times starves him.

Since his wife refused to change her behavior, James’ father tried to help by sending respectable people to talk with her. He also sent Aunties over to speak with her.

One time when James came home and found his wife drunk and in bed with another man, he was so disgusted that he decided to leave the room for them.

He says he still loves his wife and holds no grudge against her, even though she has been unfaithful to him. He says he hopes God will change her heart one day and allow them to live in love again.

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