Tsunami To Hit NPP, Growing Anger and Discontent Over Neglect by Leadership

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Tsunami To Hit NPP, Growing Anger and Discontent Over Neglect by Leadership

An aspiring General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Musah Superior, has been taking pot shots at the national leadership of the party, accusing them of neglecting the supporters who fought in the trenches to bring them to power.

He says there is growing anger, discontent and disillusionment among the party’s supporters and he is urging a change – to sweep them away from office.

Musah Superior, who has been touring various constituencies across and campaigning on change decried the unfairness and favoritism of the national executives of the party.

He made a reference to the near catastrophic performance of the party in the last parliamentary election and said the national executives should be held responsible for the 32 parliamentary seats lost to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Musah Superior said their manipulation of the party’s parliamentary primary elections, disqualifying candidates otherwise popular with the supporters – the imposition of their favorites was what led to the loss of the parliamentary seats.

He spoke of the disconnect between the national executives and the grassroots, saying, it is only about themselves and that they do not care about the welfare of the very people without them the party would not have come to power.

Musah Superior has been telling the party’s loyal supporters that this is something he wants to change if he is voted to the position of general secretary.

He will focus priority on the welfare of the supporters – the general good, to energize the grassroots to retain power in the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.

There are clear signs that a tsunami is going to hit the ruling party. The controversies characterizing the party’s polling station election provides clues about the distrust and the disappointment in the leadership by the party’s supporters.

Presently, there is an uneasy calm in NPP in some parts of the country. Some party folks have not gotten over the polling station executives and electoral area coordinators elections yet.

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