WORRYING: Class 3 Pupil ‘Crippled’ After Being Defiled And Sodomized By 4 Men at Edumfa

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WORRYING: Class 3 Pupil ‘Crippled’ After Being Defiled And Sodomized By 4 Men at Edumfa


A 10-year-old class three pupil (name withheld) is struggling to walk after she was gang defiled and sodomized by four men at Abura Edumfa in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region.

According to the victim, one of his attackers on Thursday evening sent her to buy him some stuff and upon her return, he asked her to come into the room and drop the item.

She said just as she innocently made her way into the room, Yaw Ragga, 39, and Wofa Yaw, 63, forcefully dragged her, defiled, and sodomized her. Two others who were in the room also sexually assaulted her in turns.

The suspects then warned her not to disclose her ordeal to anyone else they’ll kill her.

Out of fear, she also kept quiet until blood started oozing from her vagina before her parents questioned her and she confessed she’s been gang defiled.

When the news went out, residents subsequently arrested two of the suspects who are in the custody of Abura Dunkwa Police, while two others are currently on the run.

A doctor at the Abura Dunkwa Hospital confirmed the victim’s hymen has been broken when she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The distraught mother of the victim, Ekua Grace told EIB Network Central Regional Correspondent, Yaw Boagyan that the poor girl who is currently not able to walk properly is experiencing severe vaginal pains, is unable to sit for a long time, and can’t wear a pant because blood keeps on oozing from her vagina and anus.

She is therefore calling on the police to prosecute the suspects and arrest the remaining two for justice to be served her daughter.

SOURCE: Kasapafmonline


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