“What Happened When My Saudi Arabian Boss Appeared On Me N@ked In A Room”- Agnes Shares Ordeal

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“What Happened When My Saudi Arabian Boss Appeared On Me N@ked In A Room”- Agnes Shares Ordeal

A woman shares her story of how she became successful, built a house and bought land while working in Saudi Arabia. Agnes left her country for Saudi Arabia, amidst pain after her marriage hit rock bottom.

In Saudi Arabia, she worked for seven years as a house girl, so that she could educate her two daughters, whom she left in the care of her mother.

She entrusted her mother with her savings, and on coming back in her 7th year, she found that her mum had bought her a plot containing 10 rental rooms.

Many have gone to hustle abroad, only to come back and find that their hard-earned money was swindled by those they had entrusted. Here is the story.

She had a rough life growing up. At the age of 14, she got pregnant and gave birth. At 16, she gave birth to her second child and got married.

Her marriage was a terrible one as they could not feed themselves and had to beg for their daily meals. Her husband was lazy and a drunkard, according to Alice. He couldn’t feed them. She had to quit her marriage to look for a better life outside her marriage.

She got the opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia as a maid. She was very happy because she got to eat whatever she liked and she was warned by her boss that she was not allowed to fall in love or meet with a man while working for them.

She said her boss and his family treated her well, as if she was part of their family. One day, the worst happened: her boss and his wife went shopping, but her boss returned without her knowledge. She was inside naked.

She had just finished bathing and was about to put on clothes when her boss entered her room. She fainted while he was gone. Alice later woke up and found him in the living room sitting. He went away, never apologized.

He started making advances on her, touching her hips, threatening to come to her room in the night. He threatened to tell his wife if he didn’t stop. He warned her to stop her job rather than ruin his marriage.

One day, the wife took her to a mall and bought nice food for her. She also took her to get any clothes and shoes of her choice. She had already bought gold rings and earrings for her before. But Alice decided to runaway and abandoned everything she had worked for and left.

She went to her friend to stay, rented her house, and started another job. She was lucky to save money to send to her mother, who bought land and built a tenant house for her.

Her boss returned her passport to the agent who brought her to him. Today she’s a successful woman and can attest that Saudi Arabia’s people are nice, not the evil they are portrayed to be.

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