All Those Men Of God Speaking Against The Bible Are Satan – Pentecostal Ministry Leader

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All Those Men Of God Speaking Against The Bible Are Satan – Pentecostal Ministry Leader

The Christian Apologist and the Leader of Islamic Pentecostal Ministry has exposed all men of God who reject the Bible and described them as agent of Satan.

The Satan has one big agenda and that is to discredit the Bible and make it look useless before men to deceive many.

We must all appreciate that none can disprove the Bible with common sense same way one cannot interpret Ghana Constitution with common sense but require special people with special knowledge.

It is very sad to see some knowledgeable people including some journalists been carried away with ignorant perception about the Bible called Common Sense.

Seriously, what is more dangerous and powerful satanic tool is using people who called themselves Christ ministers and believe in the Holy Spirit to deny the Bible.

*Those who are called by God Almighty preached the Word of God* – Manu said.

Therefore, any minister of God who denies the Bible as the authentic Word of God Almighty and rubbishes it is not of God but Satan.

It is time for the Church to stop speaking against tongues which are elementary issues and focus on the heretic and lies mounted against the Bible and provide answers required to clear the doubt of the people who have been influenced.

The Holy Spirit is still the teacher of the Word and still present and active in the Church ready to give understanding to all controversies, being seeming contradictions, variances and other claims which cannot be simply understood by people with common knowledge.

Already, the Church has compromised with the Qur’an which has endanger the lives of many innocent and great people who have been caught by the Quranic doctrine.

It’s sad for the Church not to lovely tell the world that the Qur’an is not a revelation from the God of Abraham but from the Allah of the Kaba who existed and accepted the prayer and sacrifice of the Meccan idolatrous according to Quran 105.

The question is, do Muslims call Allah Jehovah and relate to him as a Father? Is Jesus called Isa in Arabic or Yasua? Can Allah be wrong or deceive the Arabs about his own heavenly purposed meaningful name called Yeshua ??

The Church must wake up from it’s slumber and feed the sheep with the Truth about the Bible before the heretic attack start fighting them like Islam fighting them religiously today.

We will continue to reason with the innocent Muslims to help discover the one behind the revelation of the Qur’an and the true means of salvation.

The Truth is, the only Book exist today authenticated by God Almighty to guide mankind and reveals the Father and the Son (Word of God) in the seal of the Holy Spirit is the BIBLE

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