2022 Eclipse: Date, Month And Time Out (CHECK)

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2022 Eclipse: Date, Month And Time Out (CHECK)

Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) of April 30, 2022: The first solar eclipse of the year 2022 is all set to take place on April 30.

It won’t be visible in our country but will show up in areas of South and West-South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic and Antarctic Ocean.

For those unversed about the astronomical event, a surya grahan or solar eclipse takes place when the moon completely covers the sun and stops its rays from reaching the Earth.

According to the Indian Standard Time (IST), the surya grahan on Saturday will start at 12:15 pm and end at 4:07 pm.

How many people enjoy watching the process with naked eye, it is advised to use protective eyeglasses, binoculars, a box projector or a telescope.

In astrology, various people call a solar eclipse auspicious but it isn’t the same in everyone’s case.

Find out how the first solar eclipse of 2022 will impact these zodiac signs:


The people of Aries will have to face confusion in their financial situation during this period.

Try not to do financial transactions during this time.


For the people of Taurus, the time of the solar eclipse will lead to a lack of confidence, confusion and confusion.

During this, control anger and avoid making big decisions.


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