5 Things You Should Not Do Right After Sex, Don’t Play With No.5

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5 Things You Should Not Do Right After Sex, Don’t Play With No.5

Sex is an enjoyable activity and the best form of intimacy a couple can have in their relationship. While there are more tips on how to be intimate with your partner, there are other important things to consider after lovemaking. Below are five things you should not consider doing right after sex:

1. Avoid a hot bubble bath. Cuddling in a hot water bath might sound like an excellent plan after sex but it might increase your chance of getting an infection. A hot water bath can provide the bacteria with a conducive temperature to multiply. This will not only be harmful to the health of your genitals but also to your partner.

2. Shaving right after sex. You are more likely to develop irritation if you shave right after sex, this is because, during sex, women experience an increased blood flow to the genital area making them sensitive.

3. Eating other meals. Moving to the kitchen right after sex, looking for something to eat is equally disgusting. It ruins the entire passion and will make your partner feels that you did not enjoy sex just because you were hungry. The best is to eat before sex because it requires a little energy.

4. Use perfume or scented product on your genital area. It could irritate your genitals or skin. This should not be done right after sex.

5. Not peeing after sex. This is something you should not do. It is very important to pee after sex, you flush out any bacteria and germs that may have gone inside during sex.

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