Sunyani Municipal National Health Insurance Community Durbar at Atuahenekrom

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Sunyani Municipal National Health Insurance Community Durbar at Atuahenekrom

The enthusiasm exuded by the town folks was highly remarkable. At about 7:30am ahead of the 9am scheduled, the town folks had already gathered at the event venue in their numbers waiting for officials of the scheme to arrive.

This eagerness resulted in the people helping in the arrangement of chairs and general grounds work for a seamless takeoff of the programme.

The programme started at exactly 9am, Hon. Ebenezer Oteng,the Atuahene Assemblyman, welcomed officials and the town folks.

One of the Sub-Chiefs, Nana Kusi (the Adontenghene) of the town who was introduced as the chair for the event and he gladly accepted the mandate in good faith and set the stage for proceedings to begin.

The Public relations Officer for NHIS, Sunyani Municipal, Mrs Rejoyce Gyamfi Addai stated the purpose of gathering on behalf of Mr Maxwell Mahama, the NHIS Manager.

She then walked the community through the nuances of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

She touched on treatments covered by the scheme, the grievance procedure, among other key issues in the Scheme’s value chain.

She educated the people on the NHIS-Ghana card merger. She threw more light on the theme by stating that with the emergence of the Ghana card, a member who has successfully linked his or her NHIS to the Ghana card can access healthcare with the Ghana card.

She also educated the gathering on the new benefit package covered by the NHIS, namely, the four childhood cancers (Cancer of the eye, Cancer of the blood, etc and family planning services).

She touched on the issue of co-payment as illegal and encouraged the people of Atuahenekrom to report providers who extort monies from them to the NHIS Office.

Open Forum;

The concerns raised by participants were largely on co-payment.

This is where they are made to pay for treatments that are ordinarily covered under the scheme.

Response to Concerns;

The Public Relations Officer addressed all concerns raised by the people. On co-payment she encouraged the people to utilize the grievance procedure embedded in the scheme’s value chain.


Mrs Rejoyce Addai concluded by thanking the Nananom, Elders of Atuahene and all the gathering for theircooperationand participation.

She stated that the scheme in Sunyani remains committed to deepening understanding and increasing enrollment.

The community expressed appreciation to the Scheme’s officials for educating them comprehensively and addressing the issues raised.

Mrs. Matilda Egyir, the assistant Public Relations officer thanked all the people for coming and partaking in the event.

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