The Main Reasons Why Women Reject Guy’s Proposal Whether They Are Handsome Or Rich(CHECK)

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The Main Reasons Why Women Reject Guys Proposal Whether They Are Handsome Or Rich(CHECK)

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Being good looking is a trait that most guys possess but being able to attract a woman and make her yours is what matters.

There is more to making a woman accept your proposal than most guys think.

It is very common that most women rejects guys eventhough they are gorgeous and rich.

Here are common reasons a woman would turn you down even when she has a little interest in you.


Firstly, a woman would turn down your proposal when she is into a committed relationship with a different guy.

She might go plain and tell you she is into a relationship.

Such women cherish relationship and can’t let down the drain without any tangible reason.

Having a woman who is committed to relationship and is willing to sacrifice whatever she has to make the relationship a success is very rare. Let go off her if she is into a serious relationship.


Also, having a bad reputation either in college or the society makes you become unattractive to women.

No matter how rich and handsome you are, women would reject you easily just to safeguard their reputation.

Don’t let your bad habits serve as a stumbling block to attracting women. Brand yourself in a special way by living a moral life full of accomplishments.

A woman can also turn down your proposal when your approach caught her off-guard.

Finding a woman interesting is important but approaching her using the right tips and tricks is what matters most.

Don’t let pressure from friends and family let you make some uncomfortable mistakes that you would later regret.

And a woman when she is less busy with some interesting conversation and that would make it difficult to turn your request.

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Women are likely to also reject your proposal when she realise you are just in for a catch and not a serious relationship. Such traits is easily recognized by most women and you must be very careful how you portray yourself if you want a perfect date with her.

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