NB: Don’t Shave And Don’t Do These 4 Other Things Before Making Love


NB: Don’t Shave And Don’t Do These 4 Other Things Before Making Love

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Before you make love to your partner, be you a man or a woman, there are certain things that you should avoid doing because of the negative effect it might have on both parties.

It should always bear in mind that some certain pre-intercourse habits and mistakes may leave you and your partner in a state of regret.

Thus, this article contains five such habits that you shouldn’t do before making love with your partner. Check them out below;

1. Do not eat spicy foods

This will not be pleasant news to those who love to eat spicy foods before making love.

But expert research has shown that it is not advisable to eat spicy food before making out because it might lead to indigestion and acid reflux.

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Therefore, it is best to avoid spicy foods before making love to avoid such. It also affects the way a woman’s organ tastes and smells.

2. Avoiding using lubricants containing sugar

Lubricants are important items while making out because it helps reduce friction thereby reducing the risk o sustaining an injury in the process.

But while using lubricants, we should go for the ones that do not contain sugar because using lubricants that contain sugar can lead to a health condition known as a yeast infection.

3. Don’t drink excessive alcohol

Thirdly, it is important to note that the human body increases in the flow of blood to the genitals which makes them self-lubricate before intercourse and this process can be tempered with if alcohol is taken in excess.

These might lead to friction, discomfort and injuries during intercourse hence, the need to avoid excessive alcohol intake.

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4. Do not shave

Having a clean shave is good but doing it just before intercourse can be bad in the sense that the human skin is sensitive, and it reacts to shaving.

Most times after shaving you experience micro-cuts which might lead to irritation during intercourse. It may also lead to friction.

So, in other to avoid these, you can have your shave a day or two before.

5. Avoid taking coffee

Lastly, before making out with your partner, avoid taking coffee because coffee contains high levels of caffeine which raises your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone in the human body.

Taking in high amounts of caffeine makes it more difficult for your body to relax which in turn, lowers your libido.

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