KUMASI: Danger Looms As Huge Bridge Caves-In, Now A “Death-Trap” For All(PHOTOS)


KUMASI: Danger Looms As Huge Bridge Caves-In, Now A “Death-Trap” For All(PHOTOS)

We should not wait till calamity happens before reacting.

This goes to our leaders appointed to taking charge of affairs in our societies especially leaders in the Ashanti Region’s Capital Kumasi.

Below is a huge bridge at serving thousands of people, mostly traders and customers at Race Course.

The river beneath the bridge, learnt is river Subin.

A visit to the site by filasconews saw the appalling state of the bridge and the river.

The river is almost turned into a place of convenient and dumping site by some passerbys, traders, customers, Passengers and many others, including drivers who ply the area.

Investigation by this portal revealed that, the market leaders have made some efforts to getting the powers that be to fixing the death-trap situation but all proved futile.

By this report, we are entreating the authorities in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to as a matter of urgency address the situation before mayhem occurs.

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