Eat Breakfast Like A King And Dinner Like Pauper For Weight Loss And A Healthy Body(Check How)


Eat Breakfast Like A King And Dinner Like Pauper For Weight Loss And A Healthy Body(Check How)

The nutritional aspect of losing weight can be a tough one to overcome. The urge to lose weight is highest when our eating habits seem to be at their very worst.

Making the transition to healthy food options and portion sizes at the right time of day can be tough when we are used to the exact opposite.

Two of the most beneficial transitions to make in regards to nutrition is in meal size and meal frequency.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Eat breakfast like a king and dine like a Pauper”? This saying actually has a great deal of truth to it.

When trying to lose weight, it is best to have your largest meal in the beginning of the day. The calories that are consumed first thing in the morning are going to be your sustenance for the day and will be burned off through normal activities.

When enough calories are consumed to satisfy hunger in the morning, healthy meal options tend to be much easier to stick to throughout the rest of the day. This in turn aids in the choice to avoid the “bad” foods.

As the day moves along, begin to cut the size of meals down making dinner the smallest meal yet. This will ensure that extra/unwanted calories, that will ultimately be stored as fat while you sleep, are not consumed.

A study of 74 obese women placed in two categories, one eating half their allotted calories for breakfast and the other just the opposite, put this saying to the test.

Both groups lost weight on their calorie restricted diet, however the group with a larger breakfast lost an average of 10 more pounds in the 12 week study! By placing emphasis on breakfast, you take advantage of the body’s natural metabolic cycle.

The metabolic cycle tends to speed up in the earlier hours and slow in the evening. The large breakfast ensures that majority of the calories consumed are burned and utilized.

The study shows that appropriate meal timing and size are a better emphasis than strictly counting consumed calories.

As beneficial as this may be, results in weight loss are reliant on eating as clean of a diet as possible and working out regularly. Avoid eating processed foods and empty calories like sugars.

These foods tend to inhibit the effects of the large breakfast and could potentially be stored anyway. Be sure to have an adequate workout plan to accompany your weight loss program.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand in the fitness journey of losing weight in a healthy manner!

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