Dead Sea Creatures Washing Up On UK Shores – Biblical Prophecy?


Dead Sea Creatures Washing Up On UK Shores – Biblical Prophecy?(Photos)

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The Bible’s Revelation chapter 8 is full with prophecies warning of disastrous events happening to a third of the world and a Brit believes they are coming true in order.

Dead starfish
Beachgoers were left shocked after a devastating scene of millions of sea creatures washed up on the shore last year.

A bloke claims dead animals washing up on UK shores is yet another biblical prophecy being fulfilled.

Peter McDonald, 81, has been a firm believer of the warnings issued in the Old Testament’s Revelation chapter eight since witnessing a “ball on fire” crash land near his home in Lancashire.

He says events of the world are playing out one by one in accordance to those listed in the eerie Bible passage.

A recent spate of British beaches being coated in rotting sea creatures is apparently the latest instalment of God’s work, Peter told the Daily Star.

In October last year waist-high piles of dead and alive crabs mysteriously washed up on Teesside coastline between Marske and Saltburn.


Revelation chapter 8 warns of several doomsday type events
Months later in January 2022 seals were next to suffer the same fate of the very same stretch.

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Defra said it was a mystery how the marine creatures died and could not link the two incidents.

And McDonald believes the incidents are the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy straight from the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 8 reads: “A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.”

Peter from Darwen said that after watching a meteorite fall into a spring in 1997 and last year’s devastating forest fires in California, the phenomenon in the north east proves the prophecies were real.

He sad: “Now there’s another one, the sea creatures will die and now they found seals washed up dead. And they’re finding shellfish and starfish and all that stuff which live on the bottom.

Dead crabs could be seen right across the beach at Seaton Carew in County Durham.

“They’re being washed up dead and they can’t understand why.”

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Peter offered no explanation however as to what would destroy “a third of the ships”.

Worryingly next in the chapter is the suggestion that the sun, moon and stars will be struck so Earth will be plunged into darkness for a third of the day.

Peter interprets this as likely to be the damage caused by asteroids.

Peter says it is possible we just about escaped an asteroid intended to bring darkness.

He added: “If you look at Revelation chapter 8 and just follow it through, these prophecies are coming true one by one in the order they’re written which is weird.

“That next one is something to do with ships on the sea but the two spookiest are the sun will be smitten and the moon will be smitten and NASA showed just not long ago a massive asteroid that just missed the Earth by a few miles.”

Peter admits the prophecies are “strange” but is convinced by rock he has held in his own hands that they are coming true.

Revelation speaks of a third of the world being ‘burned up’ as seen last summer in California

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“It’s prophesied that I think a third of the stars are going to blow. It’s so strange but it’s correct in the same order in Revelation. Chapter 8 read it through and it’s spooky.”

McDonald previously told the Daily Star: “”Now the prophecies to me are spooky but it is true, believe it.

“The prophecy proves there’s life over in the stars.”

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