VERY SAD: “Mum, I Love U But I Have To Do This” – Suicide Note Of A 16-Year Old Girl-Read To the End(PHOTOS)


VERY SAD: “Mum, I Love U But I Have To Do This” – Suicide Note Of A 16-Year Old Girl-Read To The End(PHOTO)

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A young girl who yearned for her mother’s love but did not receive it after a long wait committed suicide.

She stated that she had never known “mother’s love.” Zinhle, 16, was abandoned by her mother after a disagreement with her husband.

She abandoned her daughter when she was young and left. Her father raised her until she reached this age. She yearned for her mother’s love and care her entire life.

She didn’t get any of that from the notes she left. She stated, “Why did you abandon me, Mum? Why did you feel compelled to abandon me and Daddy? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, but you never showed up. ” It got to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore. She made the decision to end her life.

She mentioned her mother and how she had always wished to be with her mother. She claimed she never received her mother’s love in return.

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The voice note she left, which has gone viral on social media, said, “I love you mom, and I have to do this.”

It was a shame that this lovely young lady had to take her own life as a result of her parents’ disagreements.

Zinhle, 16, is content with her father, who has been caring for her, but she is not content. She desired a complete family.

She wished to reclaim her mother. She wished she could be with her mother, but she couldn’t.

She was crying in the voice note she left. You can tell she’s been in a lot of pain. She had been in so much pain that she committed suicide. May her soul find peace.



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