Interesting: Mother, Matina explains Why She Slept With Her son


Interesting: Mother, Matina explains Why She Slept With Her son

Matina Agawua, a Nigerian woman, has admitted to sleeping with her biological son from a previous marriage in order to have a baby for her new husband.

Agawua, a native of Yelwata, Nasarawa State, told The Nation that after her first husband died, she resolved to stay a widow for 13 years.

Martina Agawua revealed that her first husband was killed by herders in Northern Nigeria, and that her previous marriage resulted in the birth of a son.

She remarried years after her first husband’s death, but after six years of marriage, she struggled to have a child with her second husband, Mr. James. Due to her failure to pay her bills, the woman claims her in-laws threatened to kick her out of the house.

“We’d been married for almost six years but were still childless owing to my husband’s fault, according to a doctor’s report, and I was hearing through the grapevine that he was intending to take a second wife on the grounds that I couldn’t give him a kid,” she told The Nation.

“I chose to persuade my young son, who is about 16 years old and attends school in Akwanga, because he is not comfortable with us going for medical examinations on the assumption that nothing is wrong with him.”

“I went to see him on a regular basis. He lives with my relatives in a private apartment, so I was going there to spend time with them, especially on weekends when my market is closed.


“It was tough for me to make love to my own son, but circumstances pushed me to do it.” I needed to know for sure if I was fertile.

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“I am quite familiar with my hubby. He would murder me if he found out I was having an affair with a man outside.

“I love him so much and I’m terrified of him, so this terrible scheme to find out how fertile I am kept ringing in my head.”

“When I was on my ovulation cycle, I tried to visit my kid in Akwanga. I decided to create a crush on him and pursue him aggressively. We became intimate and had sex as a result.

“I paid him a visit one faithful day during my ovulation time. It was around 11 p.m. I took his hand in mine and forced him to sit next me.

“When I asked if he’d ever had sex, he responded no. I took him in my arms and held him there. I felt warm this time, and I believe he did as well.

“I felt incredibly embarrassed and terrible after that night, knowing that I had done such an immorality with my own son.”

“I warned him to keep it a secret because it was genuinely a taboo.

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