How to use common salt to overturn problems


How to use common salt to overturn problems

You always try spiritual work but none of them works for you, you are becoming fed up of life because of what you are going through or a family curse that you have been inherited from, you always struggle in life without knowing the cause.

Please try this and trust me, you will be shocked.

Things Needed:

1. 7 Aidan fruit (Twi: Prekese)

2. 7 full Garlic

3. Sea Salt


You are doing this cleansing for seven (7) days.

You must abstain from sex, watching of porn, musterbation, Alcohol etc three (3) days before you start cleansing.

Everyday you will blend or grind 1 full garlic and cut one (1) Prekese into seven (7) pieces then you boiled it for 5 to 10 minutes with the sea salt,

After you boiled it sieve it or dilute it and throw the husk away then you pour it in your bathing bucket 🪣 which already contains water I preferred new one if you can.

I Have Wasted 30 Years Of My Life Been a Christian- Popular Pastor


So when bathing, then you pray or say your intentions.

Please no sponge or soap and it should be done when going to sleep.

Also it will be good when you bath on your bare foot in a sand.

If yours is tiles you can pick small sand and stand on it when taken your bath please only for the spiritual bath.

You will repeat the same process for the rest the days for a total of 7 days.

Please trust me if nothing spiritual works for you trust me after this spiritual cleansing you will see how powerful God is and you will be clean as a new creature and everything you will say or do will be a great success for you.

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