Checkout The Only Tribe In The World That Move Like Dogs


Checkout The Only Tribe In The World That Move Like Dogs

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There are moments when it’ s difficult to believe that some unusual things are taking place around you.
People with anomalous bodily parts that are caused by at least one deficiency have been spotted in real life on various occasions. Have you at any point seen a family that walks like a pack of hounds?
They don’ t walk like normal human beings and are unable to stand on their own two feet.

Scientists today said that while there is a family in Turkey that travels down on the ground, they don’ t walk like monkeys and are therefore not an example of reverse evolution.

‘ Known as the Five Brothers and Sisters, they are aged somewhere in the range of 18 and 34 and come from a village in the Hatay region in southern Turkey.

Since their discovery in 2005, they have piqued the interest of scientists across the world.

Bear crawling is the main way they can get around, and they can stand erect for a limited period of time with the two knees and head flexed, as shown in the video below. Early beliefs suggested that the Ulas family’ s quadrupedal walk was comparable to that of primates, implying that humans had reached a stage in their evolution that was backward.

The American scientists have arrived at the conclusion that the siblings walk as a result of their adaption to a previously obscure and rare illness. According to the researchers, unlike primates who walk in a diagonal sequence, the family walks literally, placing a hand on one side and a foot on different, they walk in a straight line.

Their explanation is that the siblings’ walk is a result of a congenital illness that causes cerebral hypoplasia, which impairs their ability to maintain a feeling of equilibrium. The family has created quadrupedalism as a means of coping with this situation.

Turkish evolutionary scientists Uner Tan also stated that the siblings appear to have suffered from a syndrome known as Uner Tan Syndrome, which is associated with brain damage. As a result of this syndrome, he asserted, persons who are affected by it walk with quadrupedal locomotion and suffer from ” primitive” speech as well as significant mental impairment, showing that they have gone through ” reverse evolution. ”

Indeed, even the parents of the siblings are walking normally, and different sisters and brothers are in magnificent health.

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