‘I was bullied and nearly stabbed because of my 34K boobs’- 26-year old girl tells chilling story

‘I was bullied and nearly stabbed because of my 34K boobs’- 26-year old girl tells chilling story

A model has opened up on her harrowing ordeal battling bullies who were so jealous of her 34K breasts they threatened to “cut them off” with a knife.

Anastasiya Berthier, 26, from Moscow, Russia, was forced to quit school after being tormented by her peers, missing out on her prom and feeling ashamed of who she was.

But she now says she has learnt to love her body, though it has not been easy, and she makes a six-figure salary by modelling online, encouraging other women to love their natural bodies.

She first noticed her breasts were bigger than other girls her age when she turned 13.

She said: “My boobs started to grow dramatically. I was DD already by 14 and they just kept on getting bigger and bigger.

“Being at school with really big boobs was very uncomfortable. When we had gym class I found it so embarrassing to run and jump in front of other kids at that time.

Anastasiya Berthier says she has learnt to love her natural curves and wants other women to do the same
Anastasiya Berthier says she has learnt to love her natural curves and wants other women to do the same(Jam Press/@artdikaya_)
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“I didn’t have a proper sports bra and it hurt a lot.”

Bigger breasts can also cause health issues, including agonising back pain, breathlessness, headaches, numbness, and rashes.

Breast reduction surgery can be costly and risky and leave permanent scarring, as well as loss of sensitivity in the area.

Anastasiya, who boasts 1.1million followers on her Instagram, @artdikaya_, says that at school, the other children would tease her for having big boobs and call her names.

She explained: “It was usually the guys making rude comments but I remember one crazy girl chasing me with a knife and yelling that she wanted to cut off my breasts.

“When I got to high school the boys would make up disgusting rumours about me.

As a teenager, Anastasiya dropped out of school as she could not face the torment(Jam Press/@artdikaya_)
“One guy I rejected told everyone that I’d had a foursome with him and his friends in the school bathroom.

“I was a virgin at that time and I was so upset and embarrassed. At that moment I felt destroyed and dirty. It led me to a horrible depression and I eventually quit school.”

Between the ages of 15 and 17, Anastasiya was educated at home and says she spent most of her time locked in her room reading books or playing video games.

She said: “I told my parents I was sick and almost never went outside. Most of my friends were online and we played games like World of Warcraft.

“I didn’t even go to prom.”

Anastasiya battled bullying, sexual harassment and cruel false rumours at school(Jam Press/@artdikaya_)
But despite the cruel bullies, Anastasiya slowly started to embrace her body and realised that it was the trolls with the problem and not her.

She said: “Going online and seeing other women who were a similar shape and size as me being celebrated made me realise how beautiful I am.

“I love myself and my body now! I love my curves, I love the volume of my chest, my hips and waist.

“I am trying to eat clean and workout but sometimes I let myself have something I crave too, this way I keep my curves but remain tight.”

Anastasiya Berthier aged between 14-17, during which she was homeschooled(Jam Press/@artdikaya_)
However, even with her huge fan base that earns her a six-figure salary by modelling online, Anastasiya still sadly experiences slut-shaming.

She said: “Some trolls living in their parents’ basement will harass me from the fake accounts, always trying to give their opinion or even create forums to talk about my personal life. It’s incredibly sad.

“Lots of girls get slut shamed because they are pretty or if they reject someone. The bullies probably don’t understand what they do to a person with their jokes and bullying.

“I was depressed but I was able to handle it. For some it can lead to serious mental issues or even suicide.”

Interestingly, after many years one of the bullies who had tormented Anastasiya reached out to her, and she told him how much he had hurt her.

“He said he was really sorry and he just liked me and wanted to look cool in front of other boys,” she revealed.

“I didn’t bother responding. I don’t care about the opinions of random people on the internet. I know who I am and that I am a good person.

“Only sad people who are not ok with themselves try to hurt other people. Such people deserve pity, there is no point in being angry with them.”

Anastasiya hopes that her story will help other women learn to love their bodies and themselves.

She concluded: “We should give ourselves unconditional love like a parent loves their baby. We are beautiful and worthy no matter what.

“We are all beautiful in our diversity.”

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