RAYNELLE’S CORNER: My Thoughts, Musings And Opinions On Some National Issues


RAYNELLE’S CORNER: My Thoughts, Musings And Opinions On Some National Issues

Raynelle Boadu writes……..

Between December, 2021 and now, a plethora of issues have engaged the nation’s attention to which I have remained silent, not for a lack of opinion but for a deeper insight and proper research.

After all, my opinions must be facts based and truth inspired with a hint and I mean just a hint of political twist to spice the issues.

The never going away e-levy, the Honourable Sarah Adwoa Sarfo’s conundrum, the just ended UTAG strike and the recent effusions of a desperate Mr. Mahama to remain politically relevant are but a few such national issues my scribing skills are at their sharpest to express my opinions on.

The minority NDC’s stance on resisting the Electronic Transactions Act aka e-levy by all means necessary (violence and propaganda their preferred weapon of choice) isn’t because they care about the ordinary Ghanaian but a political ploy to ensure the NPP government doesn’t access such a colossal amount of tax revenue to solve pertinent national issues, chiefly, youth unemployment and better road infrastructure in other not to limit their chances of annexing power come December 2024.

A ploy I must admit has been executed rather tactfully, leaving the government breathless and gasping for air.

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It is my opinion though, that a little tact in the way we conduct our parliamentary affairs as a government will lead to the bill’s passage so government can have the fiscal space badly needed to ease the economic pressure resulting from the debilitating effects COVID-19.

It is interesting to note that, the aforementioned e-levy unpass in parliament has been exacerbated by the unwarranted absence without official leave from parliamentary duties of the Honourable Sarah Adwoa Sarfo, MP Dome – Kwabenya. Her continuous absence, and rather bizzare refusal to attend proceedings, given our near hang parliament is proving very destructive for government business and indeed the nation as a whole.

As a feminist and a female advocate for more inclusion of women in the governance process, her actions, I opine are harming the chances of other women to be taken serious and considered for top governance positions.

The earlier the NPP party deals with this situation and decisively so, the better for our collective parliamentary good.

Just a few days ago, UTAG called off a needlessly protracted strike which was declared illegal by the High court.

delayed that strike call off was in coming, I commend the leadership of UTAG for listening to the voice of reason and returning to their lecture halls to teach.

Whatever their misgivings are, this government has dealt with them generously and proven to be one that takes their concerns seriously.

Dialogue should be the preferred tool of choice when dealing with a listening and sympathetic government like the NPP’s. I commend them again.

Finally, Mr. Mahama, a desperate politician struggling for relevance, my mention of whom adds unmerited credence to his impaired value, was at it again. His chastisement of the clergy for being soft on and treating the Akufo Addo government with kids gloves couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, the evidence suggests the contrary. We’ve had the Catholic Bishop’s Conference sternly criticise this government albeit unfairly. We’ve also had the Christian and Charismatic Council do same if not harsher.

His call on the clergy to criticize government is needless as they are doing so already. He should redirect his focus onto more germane issues of national discourse like the e-levy and proffer viable alternatives instead of their wanton rejection of same for political expediency and cheap propaganda value.

For me, its a waste of ink discussing a bunch of desperadoes who only think of the next election. But alas, ain’t they a necessary evil?

God bless our homeland, Ghana and make her great and strong.

Raynelle Boadu
President (Bold Patriots)

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