JUST IN: Council of State Sends Important Message to Bagbin (Must Read)


JUST IN: Council of State Sends Important Message to Bagbin (Must Read)

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Members of the Council of State have charged Speaker, Alban Bagbin, to ensure that Parliament works.

The Council, led by its Chairman, Nana Otuo Serebour, has begun a series of engagements with the Caucuses in Parliament to resolve the acrimonious relationship between the two divides of the House.

The Council held a crunch meeting with the Speaker on Tuesday, hoping their intervention promotes parliamentary democracy.

“Mr Speaker, we have to listen; we have come to hear patiently from you,” Serebour noted.

After the meeting with the Speaker, the Council’s chairman said the Council intends to “analyse, dissect and look at the issues that have come before us.”

He added that the outcome of the discussion will be made known to the Speaker at the appropriate time.

The Speaker on his part observed that he expected to meet challenges due to the circumstances surrounding his election.

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“…I could not prophesy that I was going to be Speaker, it was a surprise and a miracle; that is how I see it because it’s God who wanted that to happen and I had that in a painful caesarian operation, and that’s the product seated before you, you all saw what happened”.

In response to the charge, Mr Bagbin said his office was always open to the Council for advice, adding that he is grateful for the step taken by the Members of the Council of State.

He added that he has planned to implement a workshop for the Parliamentary Leadership and some elders to moderate and facilitate discussions this weekend.

“None of us happy with the way some things are going.

“We’ve never had such a hung Parliament and you know the majority usually runs governance…,” he stated.

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