SAD NEWS: School boy dies in a gory accident


SAD NEWS: School boy dies in a gory accident

The accident happened between kpasa and Nkwanta road.

This bus set off from Damankun and happened to be a very old one. According to a witness, there was a lot of students in the car and the one who died is a student.

The injured victims are in nkwanta hospital so they are entreating people who’s family members might have traveled along the road, to go to the hospital and find them.

According to the witness, the dead body which happens to be a school boy is in the mortuary, so parents who have not heard from their wards can follow up to the hospital to check for their wards.

On this note, I urge everyone to always make a check on the buses they take. Some are too old that you yourself can vividly see and avoid it, and we can as well educate our people on such. May his soul rest in peace.

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