The Time To Avoid Sekx, According To Doctors


The Time To Avoid Sekx, According To Doctors.

According to the American College of Obstetricians, Gynecologists and Doctors, we are all entitled to have intimacy at any time we we deem it fit.

However, there is one particular time it should be avoided among couples.

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Can you guess what that time is? If you are thinking that the answer is “during menstruation,” then you are wrong! Many people wonder if having intimacy during menstruation has side effects, but there is no health-related or scientific reason to avoid intimacy because a lady is on her period.

However it is traditionally wrong.

According to American College of Obstetricians, Gynecologists and Doctors, the crucial time intimacy should be avoided is when a woman is in her Puerperium.

The ‘puerperium’ is a critical period in the life of a woman that has just had a pregnancy and it is the first 42 days or six weeks after delivery.

It is the period of about six weeks after childbirth during which the mother’s reproductive organs return to their original non-pregnant condition.

Getting intimate immediately after childbirth can cause bleeding, infection, severe pains and break down of perineal tear in women, according to doctors and gynecologists.

Therefore, after childbirth, a woman’s body needs to recover and go back to normal.

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A woman could have had a difficult pregnancy, difficult delivery, postpartum mental health challenges, stress, fatigue, absence of physical or emotional support, loss of libido.

So, doctors advise that once a woman is in her puerperium, all intimate activities should be avoided.

Husbands, families and friends should support women immediately after delivery so that they could recover and resume all their activities as soon as they could.

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