TOO BAD: JHS 2 “Awoshia” Girl poisons herself for not getting money


TOO BAD: JHS 2 “Awoshia” Girl poisons herself for not getting money

A female JHS 2 student’s life was on the verge of being lost after she swallowed poison shortly after returning from her boyfriend’s house.

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She spent two weeks with the guy.

The teenage JHS student returned from her two-week ‘awoshia,’ with empty hands.

She therefore took poison, and locked herself up, according to Nana Yaw Suspense, who published the story on Twitter.

After several attempts to persuade her to open the door failed, her neighbors’ only option was to break in and transport her to the hospital.

He went on to say that the young woman took the toxic chemical when her boyfriend refused to give her money after they had spent two weeks together.

As a result, he cautioned members of the general public who had school-aged siblings to be aware of them.

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