(SAD VIDEO): Young Lady Dies from Alcohol poisoning by Friends at her Birthday Party


(SAD VIDEO): Young Lady Dies from Alcohol poisoning by Friends at her Birthday Party

Young Lady Dies from Alcohol Poisoning After Playing Too Many Drinking Games at her Birthday Part.

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A very sad video on social media shows the moment too much partying during her birthday led to the unfortunate demise of a very young lady from alcohol poisoning.

The lady in question was reportedly celebrating her birthday with her friends but they took the partying to an insane level without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

The consequences later came and they were deadly as hell.

In a video from the lady’s birthday party, she was spotted playing a drinking game involving a friend just pouring undiluted hard liqour straight into her mouth.

We are talking of a bottle of liquor with probably over 40% alcohol concentration which is generally drunk diluted with something soft.

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However they were just pouring it into her mouth like it was coca cola even though it was very harmful alcohol.

A short while later, a video of the lady showed her completely wasted with her body unable to even stay stable as her stomach was filled with deadly alcohol.

It’s reported she later died after being rushed to the hospital. There is no official confirmation of what killed her but its hard to look beyond alcohol poisoning.

Whilst a birthday is the happiest day of the year , it cannot be that it is celebrated without any thought for common sense.
In fact, some social media users are even calling for her friends to be arrested for being so negligent with their behaviour at the party!

In more unfortunate demise news, a young lady died after being dumped in a bush by two guys who hit her with their car around Adenta.

After hitting her, they were forced to pick her in their car to send to hospital but instead they decided to dump her in a bush around Abokobi!

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Not surprisingly, she died from her injuries due to their wicked act and the police are now begging the public for information to arrest those criminals.

Source:  GhanaCelebrities.Com

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