Arabian Teacher honoured in Ghana by IRI for his good service


Arabian Teacher honoured in Ghana by IRI for his good service

The Islamic Research Institute at Nima, a suburb of Accra, and other Muslim organsiations on Tuesday honored Mr Ahmad Abdul- Fattah, Saudi Arabian teacher, for his outstanding service to the Nima Islamic Research Institute.

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This followed the completion of his four years of service to Ghana, as part of the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education’s programme to Ghana and other parts of Africa.

He was decorated, as a parting gift, with a local costume and showered with praises for his humanitarian interventions which had led to the construction of Wells and bore-holes in many needy villages and communities across the country.

Mr Abdul-Fattah in his speech thanked the management of Islamic Research for its wonderful hospitality that depicted the overall kindness of the Ghanaian people and a reflection of the Ghanaian culture.

Identifying the religious plurality of the Ghanaian community and the outstanding peaceful coexistence between adherents of the Islamic faith and the Christian Faith, Mr Abdul-Fattah urged the congregation, more particularly the students of the Islamic Research Institute, to play the role of ambassadors of peace and beacons of the beautiful teachings of Islam which preaches tolerance, respect of other non-Islamic faiths and eschew violence.

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He also expressed his profound gratitude to the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Ghana, Mr Meshal Alrogi and the Embassy for facilitating his stay in Ghana and for a successful duty in Ghana.

For his part, Mr  Alrogi thanked the rank and file of the Islamic Research Institute for organising a befitting farewell party for the Saudi Teacher.

He touted the bilateral relations between his country and Ghana, stating that both friendly States have long standing cooperation in many fields for the good of their people, and that the teaching mission was one of such outstanding areas of cooperation.

The National Imam of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamaah, Sheikh Umar Ibrahim, praised the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its immense support towards education in Africa, recounting his study tour to Saudi Arabia in 1959 at the Darul-Hadith Institute in the Holy City of Madina.

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Other members of the Saudi teaching mission in the Islamic Research Institute such as Dr. Sualah Al-Alawi, Supervisor, Sheikh Ibrahim Muhammad Ashaamikh, deputy supervisor and Sheikh Faris Asiri expressed their profound thanks to the government of Ghana, the Saudi Embassy, the management of the institute and wish their outgoing colleague success in all his endeavors.

Since 1998, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi Ministry of Education, sends a mission consisting of four teachers to help the teaching Staff of the Islamic Research Institute in Nima, Accra.

The Saudi teachers among other things coordinate humanitarian donations for the benefit of the needy communities and peoples in Ghana.

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