SAD: 17 killed, 14 burnt beyond recognition in a Petrol Tanker explosion


SAD: 17 killed, 14 burnt beyond recognition in a Petrol Tanker explosion

No fewer than 17 persons were roasted to death with 14 of them burnt beyond recognition after a petrol tanker exploded on the ever-busy Ibadan expressway.

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The crash occurred around 5am by the Isara bridge stretch of the highway with two vehicles with registration number ZT728 KLD(Mazda bus) and a nondescript tanker had a head-on collision that triggered the explosion that engulfed passengers in the Mazda bus.

Confirming the multiple crash, Superintendent Route Commander(SRC) Florence Okpe, who is the FRSC Public Education Officer attributed the cause of the accident to route violation and dangerous driving, which resulted to head-on collision and fire outbreak.

“The total number of people involved is not ascertained but a total 17 bodies ( killed) have been identified.

One male, a female and a female child only have been identified while others were burnt beyond recognition and no injury sustained.


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A total of two vehicles were involved with registration numbers ZT728 KLD a Mazda Bus and unknown vehicle of
unknown make (Tanker).

The suspected causes of the fatal crash were Route violation and Dangerous driving which resulted to head on collision and fire out break.

The vehicles are partially obstructing the service lane.

The Nigeria Police Isara and the FOS Morgue by services Isara have been informed.

FRSC personnel from Ogere are on ground managing the situation.”she said


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