From Korlebu Doctor: Pot belly can kill you- SEE the RISK factors

From Korlebu Doctor: Pot belly can kill you- SEE the RISK factors

A Family Physician Specialist at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Kwame Ofori Koramoah has said that young adults of about 22 years of age are getting pot bellies.

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This, he said, is becoming alarming because though not instantly, pot belly can kill because of the risk factors associated with it.

“Pot bellies can kill, but not that instant. Every non communicable condition there is, you having a pot belly increases your risk. Even for diabetes, if you are a diabetic and you just lose maybe 0.5cm of your mid-section it reduces your sugar drastically.

So, you having truncal obesity increases your risk of having a heart attack, it can kill you, hypertension, it can kill you, diabetes it can kill you, malignancies it can kill you”.

He explained that Pot belly is truncal obesity or central obesity.

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“If you say truncal obesity, it means it is accumulation of fat around the midsection which has a negative impact on the health of the person”, he stated.

Dr. Koramoah made this point on the GTV breakfast show February 16, 2021, while discussing the topic “Pot Belly: Good living or Health Disorder?”.

He said there are a couple of factors that contribute to one having a pot belly and this should not just be attributed to lots of food intake.

“…People may think it’s just eating and not exercising. No. There’re lot of factors. They can be hormonal, if the hormones are a little bit deranged, it can cause those ones.

Your activity level too can cause that, if you don’t exercise a lot, at least you are supposed to exercise at least 30 minutes every day for five days in a week, that’s the minimum you can do.

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If you don’t do that one, that sedentary lifestyle, you sit a lot, you don’t move around. It would increase that one, “he said.

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