Just in: Man sleeping with his own sister kills her for having sex with another man

Just in: Man sleeping with his own sister kills her for having sex with another man

A Texas man, who had been sleeping with his own sister, beat her to death with a baseball bat after he found out she had sex with another man, prosecutors said.

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Jose Manuel Guzman, 32, allegedly killed his sister in the Canutillo home they shared when he attacked her with a “massage instrument” and a bat, the El Paso County district attorney told the El Paso Times.

Guzman allegedly snapped after he learned of his sister being with a male friend who visited a night earlier.

He then tried to mop up the blood in the home and fled as he heard law enforcement approaching, according to the Times.

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He was later arrested and slapped with a murder charge and is in jail on a $1 million bond.

Prosecutors say Guzman is from Guatemala and a legal US resident, although he is not a US citizen. He has lived in El Paso since he was 3 years old and only recently learned that he had a sister in Guatemala.

They met and allegedly began a sexual relationship, according to authorities.

El Paso prosecutors said Guzman was a drug dealer with previous criminal charges, including a 2017 case where he is accused of breaking a man’s arm with a baseball bat and smashing his windows.

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He also reportedly has previous family violence and drug possession cases.

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