Apostle Kofi Manu Writes: Remember Your First Love (Revelation 2:4)

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Apostle Kofi Manu Writes: Remember Your First Love (Revelation 2:4)

Every 14th February of the year is worldly celebrated as a day of love. Many people demonstrate their love in so many ways including the sharing of gifts to friends, relations and loved ones.

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Religiously, some believers especially those from some Christian sect condemn the celebration of this event with the sole reason been that it is idolatry.

Valentine Day as it is called, can be religiously substituted with the reformation of our love towards Christ and our marriage and name it Lovintine

Many Christian believers have neglected their love for Christ and His Ministry, their love for their couple and even love for commitment in their marriages.

At first, you use to thank God, pray and give for the work of the ministry but you are not doing it anymore. You use to appreciate your husband or wife, humbly tell him or her sorry, I love, you,you are beautiful or handsome, cook on time, assist her at home and even call her many times in a day when you are out there in town but you are not doing all these because you now see things as normal.

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The Bible is reminding us to remember our first love which made what we have now (in some time back) became attractive and unavoidable choice in our life.

Let’s celebrate the love with meaningful thoughts.

God is love, so let’s love!!

Happy Lovintine

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