NDC propaganda falls flat as ICAO affirms Bawumia’s Facebook post on Ghanacard e-passport

NDC propaganda falls flat as ICAO affirms Bawumia’s Facebook post on Ghanacard e-passport

Attempts by elements within the opposition NDC to discredit the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and the national milestone of the Ghana Card being an electronic travelling document has been exposed by series of tweets by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

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Ghana chalked a major aviation milestone this week when an event, officially dubbed “Key Ceremony’ at the headquarters of ICAO in Montreal, Canada, paved the way for the Ghanacard to be globally recognised as an e-passport.

However on Saturday morning, some opposition NDC elements, who had doubted the process from day one, went to town with an initial clarification tweet by ICAO, explaining that it is not a body which determines what a country uses for international travelling document for its citizens.

The opposition elements hurriedly went to town with this first tweet by ICAO, and thus rubbished the Vice President’s efforts, ad well as the Key Ceremony which took place in ICAO’s head office in Montreal.

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However, subsequent tweets by ICAO within minutes badly exposed the opposition elements. The international aviation body further explained, in a series of tweets the status of the Ghanacard by stating that, with the Key Ceremony in Montreal, it is now up to individual nations to agree with Ghana on travels to those countries with the Ghanacard – clarifications which affirmed a Facebook post on the Ghanacard-ePassport on Wednesday.

“A number of States worldwide accept specified national ID cards as identity documents during air travel based on bilateral agreement between issuing and receiving states. Any decision to accept such alternative travel identity documents is made by the receiving state itself,’ ICAO tweeted to affairm Dr. Bawumia’s Facebook post about Ghana’s intention to reach bilateral agreements with ither countries to accept the Ghanacard as e-passport for travels to those countries.

Part of ICAO’s tweets on Saturday morning further commended Ghana for a milestone step to get more international acceptance for the Ghanacard as an e-passport.

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“Ghana’s successful conclusion of its key ceremony on 9 February is a major milestone in its efforts to provide for more international acceptance of its electronic travel documents,” ICAO wrote to conclude its series of tweets.

Meanwhile a number of social media users have hit out at the opposition NDC for its relentless efforts to discredit such a major milestone for Ghana.

Social media users recalled how some senior members of the NDC said it was not possible for the Ghana Card to become an e-passport or an international travel identity card because the ICAO will never accept it, when Vice President Bawumia made the announcement of the Ghanacard becoming an e-passport in November last year.

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