Just in: Mother of 3 commits suicide after poisoning her children

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Just in: Mother of 3 commits suicide after poisoning her children

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A mother of 3, Mrs. Moleen Akinyi has committed suicided after she poisoned her children to death.

The thirty-two-year-old woman killed her three children aged 10, 6, and three, and committed, leaving a note blaming her husband for neglecting them.

Neighbors of Moleen Akinyi, who reside in the same compound as the deceased woman who allegedly poisoned her three sons before killing herself, noticed a bad smell coming from her apartment. They went to check but her door was locked from the inside.

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It is suspected by her neighbors that she took her own life after poisoning her three children, Brandon, 10, Trevor, 6, and Randy, 3 years old.

They were unknown for a few days, according to a neighbor named Habib Abdalla. Her neighbor said the deceased hadn’t been seen for days.

She said they saw flies floating around her apartment and rotten smells were coming from her house as well, so they had to raise an alarm.

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Neighbors notified the landlord of the house at that time, who then called the police. The neighbors of Moleen Akinyi’s husband have characterized him as a quiet and nice man.

They said he’s a military man who serves in Somalia and comes to visit once a while. They said he visited and spent time with his family last year.

“Our neighbor, Akinyi, was a nice and quiet woman. She was always courteous and never got into a quarrel with her neighbors. We knew her as a quiet person, and we didn’t think she was capable of doing this.

We began to worry about her whereabouts after she hadn’t been seen for a few days. That’s when we were alarmed and sought assistance after a bad smell from her house, “Moleen Akinyi’s next-door neighbor, Stella, chimed l.

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