OMG: Man gives girlfriend ‘hot slap’ over proposal in public(VIDEO)

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OMG: Man gives girlfriend ‘hot slap’ over proposal in public (VIDEO)

A young man has taken the surprise drama that goes with marriage proposal to a whole new height.

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The man stunned people in a compound as he gave his woman a hard slap on the face.

marriage proposal

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This move appeared to have infuriated the lady who charged towards the man and held his shirt as she made ready for a physical showdown amidst surprised stares from occupants of the compound.

While everyone was still trying to make out what was going on between the two, he pops up the question on one knee.

Upon realising that the slap was part of the proposal ploy, the lady emotionally kneels with him as she accepts the proposal.

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Onlookers in the compound couldn’t believe their eyes over how things panned out.

Watch the video below

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