21-year old man on the run after setting his 72-year old grandmother ablaze

21-year old man on the run after setting his 72-year old grandmother ablaze

Derrick Mensah has taken to his heels after setting his grandmother on fire. The 72-year-old woman, Felicia Agyeiwaa, was rushed to the Volta River Authority (VRA) Hospital at half past four this morning when residents of Amabo came to her rescue.

Felicia still at the hospital, sustained injuries to her foot and backside, her doctors stated. Dr Evans Opoku, the doctor in charge of Felicia’s case, confirmed that Felicia was doing well but her foot especially, will need several months to heal.

She was brought in bad condition but we have been able to stabilize her. Her foot suffered greater damage and will need at least five to six months before she can step on it. Her backside, leading to her spinal cord, was not as serious as the foot.

Her backside wounds may take a maximum of two months to heal completely but the foot, six months should be ok, Dr Evans Opoku of Volta River Authority Hospital in Akosombo stated in his report to the police this morning.

Felicia, 71, is doing well at the hospital after she was saved by her doctors, but her grandson, Derrick Mensah, is nowhere to be found. Derrick from the narration of an eyewitness had tried to murder his grandmother with fire.

Oforiwaa Abigail, a granddaughter to the victim, Felicia, explained that Derrick has since the days of his youth, blamed the grandmother for witching him and rendering him useless. He doesn’t allow anyone to rest in the house when he drinks, and last night wasn’t different.

He came to the house around eleven in the night and complained of food. I told him to get it from where he got the drinks and that was the start of the fight which generated the fire. He moved from my door and started banging the doors of my grandmother calling her witch and all kinds of names.

He blamed my grandmother for bewitching me against him when he got no food to eat in the kitchen. He was proving hard and that scared me. I went to call my elder brother to come shut him up, and that was when he set the house on fire, Abigail said in her report.

Derrick had used flammable liquids to light the front gate of his grandmother’s room making it difficult to rescue the aged woman. Oforiwaa Abigail together with residents of Amabo, a community settlement within the Atimpoku township of the Eastern Region, were able to use wet towels to break the doors before the 71-year-old Felicia Agyiewaa was saved.

Atimpoku Police is still on the lookout for Derrick. Derrick if found, will be charged with attempted murder and destruction of properties.

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