Quadruplets after 15 years of marriage without children: The story of a 66-year old man and wife

Quadruplets after 15 years of marriage without children: The story of a 66-year old man and wife

A couple, married for 15 years without children, have finally given birth to quadruplets , two females and two males.
The father, 66-year old Pensioner, Peter Afriyie Kwarteng, and the wife, Joana Antwi are appealing to individuals and philanthropic organizations to come to their aid, either in cash or in kind to enable them to successfully raise the 4 babies.

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GBC’s Nicholas Osei Wusu reports that sixty-six-year-old Pensioner, Peter Afriyie Kwarteng and his wife, Madam Joana Antwi, had been married for 15 years without a child.

Their first child after the marriage did not survive.

The couple then had to wait for about 13 more years for divine favour to bear children of their own.

Madam Joana Antwi, an Orderly at the Abofour Health Centre shared with GBC News the challenging and embarrassing moments she had to endure.

”It was difficult for me and my husband during the multiple years of childlessness.”.

For a greater part of the gestation, Madam Joan Antwi was detected through a scan to be carrying triplets.

As the pregnancy progressed, it was detected through scan that she carried quadruplets.

Madam Antwi eventually gave birth to pre-term babies, two boys and two girls through a Caesarian Section when she was 46 years.

Though husband and wife, Peter Afriyie Kwarteng, a retired worker of the Railways Corporation, and Madam Joana Antwi are grateful to God for giving birth to children of their own, they are quite anxious about the socio-economic difficulties associated with such a fortune.

Apart from having to budget for themselves, in the last 15 years, they have had to expand the budget size to cater for additional 4.

What has become an additional burden to them is the fact that their rent has expired.

They are presently living in a single room at Offinso Asamankama in the Offinso South Municipality of the Ashanti region and now at the mercy of the landlord.

It is in response to such request that Sisters Keepers Ghana, a Humanitarian Group with the support of some individuals including the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of MASLOC and in partnership of a Bole-based Human Development NGO, JAKSALLY presented assorted items made up of a quantity of baby foods, diapers, wipe, playing toys, rice and tomato puree and cooking oil in addition to a cash of GHC 3,60000 Cedis to the couple.

CEO of JAKSALLY, Jeremiah Seidu, personally transported the gifts from Tamale for presentation to the couple.

He explained that children are assets to society, hence the need for everyone to pitch in, in support of the needs of the family.

The couple are appealing to well-meaning individuals and organizations to come to their aid so as to lessen their economic challenges.

Source: GBCGhana

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