Daylight Sakawa: Snake vomits money in ” Ghana must Go” Bag at Madina

Daylight Sakawa: Snake Vomits Money In ” Ghana Must Go” Bag At Madina

A video trending available to AfricaWish shows a snake in Ghana Must Go bag allegedly vomits money after a man who hired one Kayaye vanish on their way.

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According to the report, the man hired a “Kayaye” to help him carry his “Ghana-Must-Go” luggage. Witnesses claim the man fled while the Kayaye was in front of him on the way. The kayeye was stumped for a time as to what to do with the man’s bag.

The Kayaye noticed that something was moving within the bag. She promptly tossed the bag over her shoulder, and when it opened, a large snake slithered out.

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People tried to kill it, but it managed to squeeze into a tiny fissure beneath one of the street light poles. They tried everything they could to get the snake out but were unable.

A hoard of cash, jewellery, and other objects thought to be “juju” were found in the bag. A bystander who claimed to know little about juju revealed to onlookers that the items in the bag were used in an incantation for the snake to vomit money, which explains the snake’s presence in the bag.

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