“Her mini-skirt attracted me” – Kumerican man who defiled 13-year old step daughter

“Her mini-skirt attracted me” – Man who defiled her 13-year old step daughter

A Kumasi-based man, identified as Abilo, has confessed to sexually assaulting his 13-year-old step-daughter who was left in his care.

Abilo, who claimed to have had no prior sexual attraction to the lass whatsoever, said he welcomed the incestual thought after he saw her wearing mini skirt.

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He said at the time he caught sight of her thighs and body in the mini skirt, he was sexually starved as his wife was away on a trip to her family’s home.

After several attempts, Abilo said he managed to convince his step-daughter to have relations with him, but denied ever penetrating the said virgin.

Giving her version on Nhyira FM‘s Obra, the victim said she succumbed to pressure after her illegitimate father threatened to commit suicide by consuming a poisonous chemical.

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The victim further stated that anytime she denies him access to her body, her father maltreats her to the point of burning her clothes.

It was based on this that she said she allowed her father have his way with her, after they had sent her younger brother on an unwanted errand.

She said her father made it a habit to sexually assault her daily, including taking long breaks from work just to take advantage of her.

It took her heavy bleeding from her private part to confess and confide in her mother days after she had returned from the trip.

It was also revealed on the show that Abilo shopped ‘decent’ clothes for his daughter in a bid to deny his libido it’s request.

Mother of the victim, who was beyond livid by the details, indicated that she first got wind of the assault from community gossips.

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She said when she confronted Abilo, he apologised, yet went ahead to continue his deeds.

Currently, the victim is suffering from a strange stomach illness, which has been hinted to be a spiritual complication from the incest. They were on the Obra show to seek remedy.

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