Ghana: Father hits son to death with a ‘box iron’

Ghana: Father hits son to death with a ‘box iron’

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Robert Yisif has been apprehended by the Nkwanta Police for hitting his own son to death with a box iron at Yieiyie; a farming community within the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region.

The deceased, Band Yusif, was confirmed dead at the spot.

Awo Aejirah, an eyewitness to the murder, narrated to the police how Robert Yisif ignorantly blamed his child for his stolen phone. He came from the market last night with the boy, they sell meat at the Nkwanta Fofo Market.

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The boy was shouting at 7pm yesterday and when I went over, he had a cane, chasing the boy in the compound to lash him. I intervene and the matter was allowed to go. How can you blame a child for something you could not protect? I questioned him several times before he stopped beating the boy.

I thought he had allowed the matter to settle only for me to wake up at 5am this morning to hear another cry coming from his room. He had locked the child up in the room besting him again for the missing phone. I knocked several times before he opened the door.

The child was running out of the door when he crashed him with a box iron; the heavy metal iron. I felt goose pimples all over me when the child felt beneath me. He died on my feet. He intentionally killed the boy, Awo Aejirah, an eyewitness said in tears to the Nkwanta Police this morning.

Robert, 37, had blamed his son for his missing phone. The phone which went missing on Friday at the Nkwanta Fofo Market, was said to have been stolen by unknown persons but Robert had blamed his son for the missing phone.

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Robert has been charged with murder whiles the body has been taken to the mortuary

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