How much you’ll pay for MoMo transaction if E-Levy is passed

e-levy momo transaction charges
So you are aware of the amount you will be paying for when the much talked about E-Levy is passed, we have gathered a preview table for your perusal.

The E-levy is an initiative by the NPP government. According to them, it will increase Ghana’s tax-to-GDP from 13% to a targeted 16% or more.

e-levy momo transaction charges
This Is How Much You Will pay For MoMo Transaction If E-Levy Is Passed
The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the other hand insists that the 1.75% tax will overburden the already burdened Ghanaians.

The minority is totally against the E-levy passage.

However, the National Patriotic Party is keen on passing the bill.

A document was recently shared by government officials to show an idea of how much Ghanaians will pay for the MoMo transaction if passed.

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Source: Occupygh

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