Very sad: Popular Hotel Owner drugged and killed by a woman

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Very sad: Popular Hotel Owner drugged and killed by a woman

A Popular Hotel Owner has been killed by a woman after drugging him.

A woman has taken the life of her husband after catching him, cheating on her with other woman and gotten her pregnant.

According to the report posted on Twitter by a resident who lives with the couple, the woman drugged the man before carrying out the heinous act on their matrimonial bed.

The neighbour and a Twitter user, reporting the sad news, revealed that, the dead is the owner of a posh hotel.

According to the neighbour, Inzaghil, with Twitter account @Inzaghil, the man was drugged before his wife ended his life.

Read his original account on Twitter below

“Woke up to madness,the owner of a Hotel around my estate was killed last night by his wife.She found out he got someone pregnant and she killed him right on their matrimonial bed….

Sadly, she drugged him before she carried out the act..This is a premeditated murdur, yes? Their kids are way to little to process this and everyone says the guy was one of ’em cool gang (Happy chap)”

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