Nyinawusu atrocity: Regional Peace Council visits involved parties

Nyinawusu atrocity: Regional Peace Council visits involved parties

It was atrocity, five energetic young men were physically assaulted and lynched over alleged robbery case.

Akoraboakrom youths

The gruesome killings happened at Nyinawusu, a Community within the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

The deceased persons namely: Fatao Dawuda, 28, Mustapha, 30, Tonsu, 25, Evans, 28, and a 17 year old Kofi.

Elders of Nyinawusu in a meeting with Peace Council

They were laid to rest on 23rd December, 2021, Thursday at their hometown, Akoraboakrom in the same District.

However, the residents and the family of the deceased persons on several occasions have vowed to retaliate.

Peace Council members

The residents of Akoraboakrom in one of their interviews on a Kumasi based Silver FM’s morning show dubbed Omanbapa threatened to revenge by attacking Nyinawusu community.

“We have realised that, authorities are not interested in our case. Five of our relatives have been cruelty murdered over false allegation but it seems the Government, the police, government’s reps in our district have all turned a deaf ear to our grievances.

Akoraboakrom residents in a meeting with Peace Council

Now, we will also take the law into our own hands and attack Nyinawusu Community too”, the angry Akoraboakrom dwellers said the in the interview.

On this note, the Ashanti Regional Peace, in order to avert any future atrocity have visited the parties involved.

At Nyinawusu Palace

The visit, led by the Executive Director of the Council in the Region, Rev. Emmanuel Amoah Badu sorts to calm down nerves of especially the Akoraboakrom Community in order to help settling the case amicably devoid of chaos.

Joined with his two officers, Nana Amponsah (Programs Manager) and Prince Osei Tutu, they visited Akoraboakrom Community. Met with the people and had a peaceful deliberation.

From there, they headed to Nyinawusu and also sat with some elders in the community at the Chief’s palace, where the incident took place, to find their side of the story and the possible way of handling the matter.

Akoraboakrom people

It was a successful journey, as both communities accepted the message of Peace Council in good faith and pledged to corporate with their resolution process if the need arises.

At Akoraboakrom, the aggrieved youths, upon Peace Council’s arrival and mission, humbled themselves and promised to eating a humble pie but was quick to adding that, “Please, we respect and trust you, so with all due respect, help us, get justice in this case to console our departed relatives……Thank you”.

The Leaders met with at Nyinawusu, also expressed their gratitude to the council, for their swift gesture to resolving the issue and pledged their commitment to supporting the process.

Residents of Akoraboakrom given the platform to express their feelings

Finally, Rev. Emmanuel Amoah Badu, the Ashanti Regional Executive Secretary for the Council, thanked both parties, adding that, “Peace Council will make sure, nothing bad escalates, but peace and justice would be served. Have hope in us…..thank you and God bless us all”.

Ghana National Peace Council (GNPC)…..we stand for peace.

Rev. Emmanuel Amoah Badu- Executive Secretary (Peace Council, A/R)

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