Adopt double track system to address accommodation crisis- University of Ghana’s management told

Adopt double track system to address accommodation crisis- University of Ghana’s management told

University of Ghana’s Management has been asked to adopt the Double-track System in order to address the accommodation Crisis facing the school.

Mr. Boadi William, the Chief Executive Officer of Educate Africa Institute (EAI) has said. He’s of the firm believe that, the policy if adopted by Legon, will help curb the lack of accommodation problem for students in the school.

Read their full statement below


Educate Africa Institute (EAI) is therefore notifying the University of Ghana management to adopt the Covid-19 double-track calendar implemented during the 2020/2021 academic year to resolve its accommodation confrontation.

According to our facts gathered, the accommodation crises in several universities in the country have been a central blow to students, and most of them are deserted and isolated, making it difficult to have sound psyches for academic activities. Even though, lecturers are on strike.

Speaking in an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3 New Day on TV3 Wednesday, January 12, some student leaders at the University of Ghana revealed that some freshers and continuing students who happen to be sufferers of the accommodation crises on campus have opted to defer their courses for a year to save them from the struggle of getting rooms on campus.

“We have students who even want to defer their courses due to the accommodation cruses on campus.”

They further revealed that freshers and continuing students who are unable to access accommodation explained that they lack the financial capacity to rent rooms outside prices as well as unable to afford to commute to campus daily for lectures and other academic activities.

Acting SRC President, Naadu Antwi said the student leadership has made receptive actions to help solve the issue but it couldn’t yield any positive results.

She further stated, “What I did with my team was, I instructed them to go to places around like Okponglo, shiashie, Bawuleshie, Mariana, UPSA and look for hostels that are close and also negotiate with owners to reduce prices to accommodate students for the meantime while we try to solve the accommodation crises on campus.”

She said despite the negotiations with owners of hostels outside campus, prices were still expensive and most students could not afford them.

“We came to a subsidized fee but it’s still more costly than the hostels we have on campus. There were still students who could not afford.”

“I had a lot of students calling me here and there, telling me about the problems they face with regards to accommodation. This is something that is beyond the SRC. We cannot do much about it,” she reiterated.

Members of the student leadership called on the government to facilitate the building of the University of Ghana SRC hostel to accommodate more students and help solve the persistent accommodation crises on campus.

Now, EAI believes that the double-track calendar could help solve the accommodation problem. Considering the
above details, students are not able to afford the outside hostels meanwhile they are supposed to safeguard the accommodation to ensure serene and comfortable conditions for studies.

Kudos to the immediate past SRC president Mr. Fianko for his efforts in the previous days and the interim SRC president Naadu for being selfless.

The University of Ghana’s management ought to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

Boadi William
CEO of EAI, Educationist, Journalist, and motivational speaker.

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