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Another sad news: Fatal death at Avenor Junction as Trotro crashes

Trotro car crashed at Avenor junction which has led to the death of infants and youth who boarded this vehicle .

According to the people who witness this accident, the driver who drove this trotro car was drunked bitterly because they saw from afar that the driver was driving the car hurriedly. As the car crashed in a highway at Avenor junction, it resulted in a traffic jam at that area which kept drivers totally confused. They called the ambulance earlier before a journalist came there to write a report on this case, but the people were saying, the ambulance came two-hour after the accident has occured.

This accident at Avenor junction has led to the death of twelve people as well as the driver who drove the car.

An educated person was interviewed by a journalist. He said, drivers who drove trotro vehicles to longer journey must be checked correctly by their station masters before they began to drive. He added, passengers should also make sure they check on the driver’s condition before they bore any vehicle.

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