Satan is not afraid of degree- Rev. Minister jabs Cardinal Appiah

Satan is not afraid of degree- Rev. Minister jabs Cardinal Appiah

Satan is not afraid of First Degree Cardinal Appiah Turkson should have mentioned 33000 defilement cases by some catholic priests according to Recent Report and some Popes who were academically sophisticated yet, killed and burnt preachers of Christ and Bible.

In this nation we all saw a father (Priest), who doubles as a Lawyer; kissing young women in church, he is highly educated, religiously and judicially, yet, what he did was worse iniquitous than these prophets with low education. SATAN is not afraid of academic degrees.

What the Cardinal should understand is that, when our Lord Jesus Christ was starting His Church, there were High Priests, Saducces, Pharisees, Scribes, Priests and Levites, who were highly educated, yet, Jesus’ preference and choice were the fishermen.

According to Reverend Emmanuel Boakye leader and founder of Souls Pasture Church and the principal of Awsome Bible Collage at Asuofua-Akyease in the Atwima Nwabiagya North District, Our religious leaders in this nation must learn wisdom from Ghana’s Church History.

Rev Boaky reaveled that, religious Heroes didn’t/don’t have First Degrees: Cardinal Appiah Turkson, Archbishop Emeritus Kwasi Sarpong, Apostle Anim, Rev. James Mckeown, Evangelist F A Amoako, Archbishop Doncun Williams, Rev. Mensa Otabil, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, Archbishop S. R. Addae, Rev. Ransford Oben, Rev. Victor Osei (Peace Council) and Prophet Kusi Boateng (National Cathedral Secretary). Nevertheless, the relevance of their religious leadership has been experienced globally.

In Jesus’ wisdom, Matthew was a Revenue Expert, yet Judas Iscariot was the Treasurer, Peter was a fisherman, yet was appointed head of the Church to exercise spiritual authority over Paul, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, Zacheaus, Apolos, Luke, Barnabas and Zenas (the Lawyer), who were highly educated.

Pastoral Ministry is a spiritual calling and requires, prayerfulness and biblicism as prescribed by the First human pastor (Peter) of the church _ Act. 6:4. When a Master Builder (Paul called himself) was listing pastoral qualifications,

My conviction is that if a person is truely called by God, the individual should be able to read, understand and write (the Bibles), even if it is in local language, it should be accepted. But, by the reason of Bible concordance, dictionary, commentary, etc.

“English language and a little aritimatic should be enough; if the pastor’s work is not to raise theologians, scientists, mathematicians, lawyers, and historians. Necessarily, a pastor must not be a ‘scholar’ but a workman who rightly divides the word of truth.

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