Your exaggerated policy for Graduates an insult to Ghanaian youths- President told

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Your exaggerated policy for graduates, an insult to the Ghanaian graduates and youths- President told

The Obaatanpa Policy for Graduates Entrepreneurs and the youths in the Entrepreneurship has been rubbished by the Oti NDC Communications Officer.

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According to him in a statement released on Thursday, January 13, 2022, the policy has failed to achieve its purpose.

Portion of his statement reads, “Your touted Obaatanpa Policy for Graduates and Youths Entrepreneurs has failed and an insult to the young ones”.

Read his full statement below

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It is quite unfortunate that, this government out of its irresponsibility and inability to find sustainable solution to the unbearable unemployment situation in this republic, resorted to burden the poor graduate with so called entrepreneurship.

What progress will the vulnerable graduate see in his or life when you pay him or her with the so called obatanpa policy start up capital to start business on one hand and rob him with exhubitant taxes on the other hand? Robbing Peter to Paul is what will solve the unemployment crisis in this country?

At the time government is telling us the vulnerable and poor graduates to go and start our own businesses because there’s no job for us, children of officers in government are been given decent public jobs to do to end proper and better living.

If entrepreneurship is the best for the Ghanaian graduate and youth, why didn’t Osafo Marfo’s two children who got decent jobs at GRA and SSNIT been made enterpreneurs?

Or is it that, their father the senior minister and senior advisor to the president does not want the best for his own children? That’s why he didn’t made them enterpreneurs as they believe is best for the Ghanaian youth and graduates?

Akuffo Addo’s own daughter who has been offered appointment at creative art Council could have also been made an enterpreneur, if that’s the best for the Ghanaian youth and graduates.

Farouk Mahama, the son of the late former vice-president Aliu Mahama who doubled as the current Mp for Yendi was working at COCOBOD as a procurement officer, why his late father didn’t made him an enterpreneur but rather decided to fix him at COCOBOD?

Must of some we the politicians call Ghanaians fools and stupid people in our actions like the Npp Nana Addo led government is doing?

The newly appointed NYEIP CEO Kofi Ofosu Nkansah, have not been an enterpreneur in his entire life before, if entrepreneurship is the best for the youths and graduates of this country as we are been made to believe, why is he not doing his own business but rather decided work for government as MD and now CEO?

It is quite sad and simply insulting, to see people who are doing decent jobs in the public space taking good salary cheques, claiming entrepreneurship is the best for the Ghanaian youth and graduate, whiles they are not.

Government is taunting the obatanpa policy as if it will end graduate unemployment and all graduates in this country are going to proper in life with it, ask yourselves that, seasonsed and mogul enterpreneurs like Dr. Papa Kwasi Ndoum, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, and the many others who have been sent home with their hands tied by this government, what will change going forward with the attitude of this government to eagerly collapse businesses that post threats of competing with the businesses of family members and surrogates of the president we have in this republic today?

You want the youth to go into entrepreneurship at the time you deliberately made successful entrepreneurs paupers today, what will then motivates the youth to trust the process and venture into entrepreneurship, knowing the risk ahead in the nearby future considering what happened to the likes of Dr. Papa K Ndoum, Amoateng, Dr. Kwabena Duffour and many others?

Get the graduates decent public jobs to do and stop shifting your irresponsibility to entrepreneurship, it is good for one to start his own job, no one is against that, but it is also good for the other graduates to also work at SSNIT, GRA, VRA COCOBOD, NPA, BOST, GHPA, AIRPORT and many other public sectors as Osafo Marfo’s children and many other government officials wards have been offered.

The ordinary youth and graduate in this country also need decent jobs just like how Osafo Marfo and other members of government children also need good jobs and have been offered.

We are tired of the motivational talks and PR prants.



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