Just in: Son hits mother to death, buries her in their backyard garden

Kwame Addai Brobbey, under the influence of alcohol, sat at the Nyame Nhyira Wo Drinking Spot and confessed how he single-handedly murdered his mother and buried her in a garden.

Boakyewaa Hannah, the owner of the drinking spot, was cooking beef sauce at the back of the drinking spot when Kwame Addai Brobbey called her to add more bitters to his cup.

I am drinking to my grave today. Even the person who brought me is dead, how far me. Today is my last day on earth so if you don’t see me again, just know, I have said goodbye to you, Kwame said in a drunk voice last night at the Nyame Nhyira Wo Drinking Spot.

Hannah, the owner and waitress of the drinking spot had thought Kwame was referring to his late father when he talked about death, but little did Hannah know, Kwame Addai Brobbey had murdered his mother. Bra Kwame, but your father died whiles you were a child, so why do you keep talking about death when you didn’t see your father, Hannah asked the drunk Kwame Addai.

Kwame, in confession to his crimes last night, told Hannah that, his father is not part of life and the death he was celebrating over, was that of his mother. He was insulting me so I hit her. I didn’t spare her. How can you call me useless, ah, after all, I have done for her, she still called me useless.

I hit her once, and she was gone. If she is a woman, she should come back and insult me again, Kwame confessed proudly under the influence of alcohol. Hannah after hearing the confession of Kwame Addai did not take it seriously and thought he was misbehaving like always.

Kwame Addai Brobbey kept confessing under low tune at the bar until the arrival of Hannah’s husband, Agya Opoku Adom. Agya Opoku did not take the confession lightly as Hannah had taken and reported the situation to the Ntri Boahung police at 10 PM yesterday.

Kwame Addai Brobbey was given a place to relax at the police station until this morning when Ntri Boahung police together with Hannah and her husband, interrogated him on his confession at the bar. Kwame Addai had initially lied about murdering his mother and argued that he was drunk, and was talking stupid but later confessed to the police when he was given food and water to eat.

Kwame Addai Brobbey had not only murdered his mother but had buried her in their backyard garden after beating her to death on Sunday morning. The deceased, Eleven Brobbey has been taken to the mortuary while police investigations are ongoing.

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Kwame Addai Brobbey is still at the police station and was arraigned before the Nkawie Circuit Court today, Tuesday 11th January, for murdering and burying his mother at Ntri Boahung, a suburb of Kumasi.

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